Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Figure Out How Bad a Boss is Gonna Be Before You Take the Job!

Stellar advice from Alison Green on how to suss out a potential Bad Boss before you get hired:

How does she treat you during the interview? Is she respectful of your time, polite and interested in you, or is she distracted, unpleasant and disengaged?

“Does she answer your questions directly or give vague responses?

“How honest is she about the job's downsides? A boss who can't imagine there's anything not to love about a job or a workplace is a boss who's wildly out of touch.

“How does she treat other employees? If you see your interviewer interacting with others during your time there, pay close attention. You might learn a lot about how she'll treat you if you take the job.”

True, true, true!

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