Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How to Put Your Sexist Horny Pig Boss in His Place and Still Keep Your Job (Maybe)

Most people experience bad bosses in their career but the most dangerous is the sexist horny pig type.

Like all other bad bosses, a sexist horny boss has a secret fear. In his case, that he's impotent, and that holds true whether the sexist horny boss is a man or a woman. He fears that he’s powerless, both in and out of the bedroom. They are bullies and bullies are nothing more than cowards in disguise. They pick on women or men they think would be too ashamed or embarrassed to speak up.

Here are tactics to keep a sexist horny pig boss at arm’s length.

            --Be Bold. Abuse thrives in secret. Counter it with overt, direct and loud action. Say you’re sitting in your chair, working on your computer. When he leans over and gets too close, back up abruptly, stand up and step away. If you run over his toe in the process, fine. Then say something like, "Oh, sorry, I wanted to give you plenty of room." Use this technique whenever he invades your space. Be loud with your reaction. You will no longer be the docile prey he or she prefers.

            --Document Everything. If the behavior continues, take your documentation of the abuse to the highest company higher-up you can. Understand your rights and sexual harassment laws before making this move. Be prepared to say you will take the matter up with the EEOC if you are not moved to another department and away from your tormentor. Often, this is enough for a company to agree to your wishes, however, the company could refuse and find an excuse to fire you, but in this case, it’s worth the risk.

            --Third Line of Defense: Quit. Sometimes, quitting is the only option. Then, consider reporting your employer if your complaints were ignored. IIt may be hard, but you'll be in the right and you will be helping others who are also undoubtedly suffering. Remember, there is nothing honorable about a boss who is a sexist horny pig or the people who defend him.

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