Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What You Can Learn From Your Bad Boss

No matter how much we complain about our bad boss, there is much to be learned by working for these types of bosses that will come in handy throughout your career.

Here are four common traits of a bad boss and what you can learn from them.

            Your Boss is a Finger Pointer – he is quick to blame and whine whenever something goes wrong. Lesson: Become a problem solver. You will be more valuable to your company, learn to think on your feet and upper management will quickly realize that you are the go-to person (not your boss) when there is a jam - and on the fast track to a promotion.

            Your Boss Loves to Criticize – criticizing others takes the focus off the incompetent behavior of your bad boss. Lesson: when your boss criticizes you, don't get defensive. Figure out how to do your job better. Companies value stand-up employees who don't wimp out at the least bit of disapproval and who are eager find new ways to perform with excellence.

            Your Boss Wants to Be King, Not a Team Player – insecure bosses (which are just about all bad bosses) want to grab the spotlight when it comes to company successes. Lesson: nowadays, more work is done in teams so being a good team player is essential to get the job done. A good team player, unlike a narcissistic boss, is a good listener and is flexible in considering how to get things done especially with ideas other than their own. Team players come with the attitude "how can I contribute to help make my team a success?"

            Your Boss is Lazy – lazy bosses expect their workers to keep up on the latest technology and procedures while they happily go about their business firmly stuck in the 20th Century. Lesson: invest time and energy into improving your skill set and expanding your knowledge of your job and the company. Even if that means signing up for classes during your off hours, developing your talents will make your increasingly valuable to your company or to a future employer.