Monday, July 29, 2013

Does a Clean Work Space Matter? To You, It Should!

A recent survey by Adecco asked people what they thought of cleanliness at work. Among other results, Adecco found that:

-- 57 percent of Americans have judged coworkers on how clean or dirty they keep their work spaces
-- 42 percent of Americans have judged a coworker more negatively if his work space is dirty
-- 45 percent have judged coworkers more positively if their work spaces are clean
-- 73 percent of Americans think people are most productive when their work spaces are clean

So what? you say. Your Bad Boss already either ignores you or rails against you, who cares if your work space is clean or messy?

You! You should most definitely care, because not only do most others think people are more productive when their work spaces are clean, you definitely are more productive when you keep your work space in order.

You find things more easily, you don’t waste time moving piles from one place to another, you give yourself physical space to work in, which translates into more mental breathing room.

Plus, your co-workers are likely to think you’re more on the ball, and therefore someone they are more willing to cooperate with.

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