Monday, July 8, 2013

Develop Resilience to Overcome the Career-Deadening Impact of Your Bad Boss!

Overlooked and knocked down by your Bad Boss? Develop what John Baldoni calls a key trait for success: resilience.

Baldoni talks about the outstanding trait so many executives he’s worked with, who excel and reach the top of their profession have, is their “…bedrock belief in themselves. They have been overlooked as well as knocked down but they get up again and as a result, they develop a strong sense of self-confidence that is rooted in a key trait for success: resilience.”
He goes on to say, “For example, a resilient person will respond to a defeat by saying, ‘Others may not believe in me, but I believe in myself and let me show you want I can do.’ A non-resilient individual just gives up.”
Don’t be a giver-upper just because you’re under the heel of a Bad Boss! On the contrary, develop your self-confidence, and plow forward with the best of who you are.
It’s how you’ll get past, over or through your Bad Boss.

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