Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Combat the Doldrums of a Non-Supervising Bad Boss--Supervise Yourself!

Have a Bad Boss who can’t supervise you? Don’t despair, you can maximize your job success without his/her input.

How? Adopt the qualities of great supervisors to supervise yourself.

According to Mallary Tytel, President and Founder of Healthy Workplaces, great supervisors:

            --Are known for their work ethic and highly ethical behavior; they are therefore trusted by others.

            --Maintain a short focus on where they are going and what needs to be done.

            --Are fair, supportive, and concerned for the well-being of others.

--Are committed to life-long learning, growth, and development for themselves and those around them.

Measure up to these qualities in managing your own work, and you’ll turn yourself into the kind of employee your Bad Boss’s Boss (who hopefully is a Good Boss!) would want to promote.

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