Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bad Boss Won’t Celebrate You? No Problem. Celebrate Yourself!

Bad Bosses hate celebrating anyone other than themselves. Ever. For any reason.

As Hua over at Start Up Lessons says: “Often times your employees work towards a goal or deadline. As the team heads into the finish line, they work longer hours, work harder, and sacrifice outings with their significant other. However, once you deliver on said deadline, instead of celebrating and applauding each other’s efforts, you are told to gear up and run to another milestone. Bad bosses hate celebrations and taking time to pat people on the back for a job well done.”

Uh-huh. Which means that you must celebrate yourself! I kid you not--reward yourself in any way that pleases you for your extra mile, your accomplishment, your hitting that deadline. Those kudos are what help you stay steady on course, ever aiming toward your personal career goals.

Celebrate your co-workers! Anyone who’s supported you or worked with you on that goal or deadline, let them know how much you appreciate their efforts.

A sincere, specific “thank you” is always a terrific gift.

No matter how many times you give it.

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