Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Wanna Succeed Despite Your Bad Boss? Have a Plan!

It doesn’t matter whether your Bad Boss is an Ego on steroids, beyond incompetent, or a practically invisible nebbish, one thing is guaranteed: your Bad Boss isn’t doing squat to help you accomplish success on the job, much less advance your career.

Your career is entirely up to you. Period.

No worries--as long as you have a plan.

A plan is a big deal, whether it’s a plan to get more accounts, more sales, better resources, more training. You need a plan.

"There aren't a whole lot of stories of success from people who didn't have a plan," says Chris Ohlendorf, chief talent officer of Versique Search and Consulting in Minneapolis.
And while he acknowledged, in speaking with Catherine Conlon of Monster.com, that “there is always a little bit of luck involved when someone reaches the corner office… a plan for your career will be a big part of any success you achieve.”

A plan is easy to put in place: you start with “What do I want?” Duh. But you still have to write it down. Then you work out the steps to getting there, assign target dates to each step, figure out the resources you’ll need along the way. Voila! You have a plan.

Now all you have to do is work your steps. Because what Mr. Ohlendorf didn’t say in this interview, but no doubt would, is that a plan is only so much hot air unless you follow it through with action.

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