Monday, December 16, 2013

2014 Workplace New Year’s Resolution–Tap Into Your Career Courage

The New Year is always a time of new beginnings—even at work. For those suffering from a bad boss, January is the perfect time to take action that will get you out from under the thumb of a bad boss and on to a rewarding career, says Dr. Noelle Nelson, author of
Got a Bad Boss? Work that Boss to Get What You Want at Work (Amazon eBook, $7.99).

“Every day, bad bosses wreak havoc,” says Nelson. “And every day, employees beat their heads against the wall and whine at the water cooler, but nothing changes. Employees need to quit complaining about their bad bosses, stop getting angry and have the courage to take back control of their careers.”

Nelson, a psychologist and trial consultant, has seen first-hand the nasty emotional and collateral damage of lawsuits involving bad bosses. “Only a tiny fraction of bad boss behavior ever sees the inside of a courtroom. The majority of workers continue to suffer from a bad boss while venting their frustration to co-workers, friends and relatives. This behavior usually won’t get you very far.” Instead,

Nelson offers these suggestions to make the New Year at work more productive and rewarding. --Look beyond the puffed up ego mask your bad boss hides behind and you will find someone who is scared to death they are not good enough, loved enough, powerful enough. “Now there’s something you can work with,” says Nelson. “Knowing what drives your boss gives you a tremendous amount of leverage in your interactions.”

--If your boss is pitching a fit--screaming, blaming, angry--be the calm in the eye of the storm. “Don’t react, don’t blink, don’t defend. Wait for it to pass,” explains Nelson, “and then calmly say something like ‘I’ll see what I can do about that’ and leave. Then do something about it. Your response and subsequent actions give you control.”

--Quit seeing your boss as your enemy. Become your boss’s ally; engage in his or her success--which will become your success. “When your boss looks good, you look good—especially in the eyes of the higher ups,” says Nelson.

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