Friday, December 27, 2013

Set Your Goals with a Clear Line of Sight

You cannot count on your Bad Boss to help you advance your goals. If you’re not paying attention, your Bad Boss can sidetrack you from your goals, if not discourage you entirely from going after them.

It’s up to you to see to it that you stay on track, on target, on purpose with what’s important to you.

Business consultant Julie Winkle Guilioni, in a recent Lead Change Group post, suggested that one of the ways to make sure you accomplish your goals, is to tend to your “alignment.”

In her words, “Alignment – For goals to have power and drive a sustained focus, there must be a clear line of sight to what’s important to us. Lining individual goals up against department or organizational objectives can help paint us into the bigger picture and give our work greater meaning. But goals must also be aligned on a personal level. Do your goals reflect your values? Do they support you in achieving other important outcomes? Alignment on a personal and professional level will enhance goal achievement.”

Alignment is especially important when you’re up against the diversions a Bad Boss will constantly throw at you.

Get aligned with your values, the bigger picture of your life, and succeed!

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