Wednesday, November 27, 2013

When You Bad Mouth Your Co-Workers, You Sabotage Your Success: Just Say "No!"

If there’s one thing you can’t afford to do, when you’re stuck with a Bad Boss, it’s bad mouth or otherwise disparage your co-workers. Why? Because your co-workers are often your best allies in obtaining resources, information, helpful tips, support and everything else you never get from your boss.

And yet, as Kathy Caprino states in a recent Forbes blog: “I’m astounded at how many people today feel completely comfortable ridiculing, disparaging or undermining their colleagues, co-workers and even their friends. “Other folks may call this “gossip.” … But backstabbing your colleagues is a special brand of negative behavior because it aims to hurt. And when you desire to hurt others, it will be you who suffers. In one job, I backstabbed a colleague because it seemed that she received all the accolades, promotions and perks because of her beauty and her obsequiousness to our bosses.

“All of that might have been true, but trying to take her down behind her back didn’t work. That behavior never will, in the long run. You’ll only embarrass and humiliate yourself and it will come back around to bite you eventually.”

Don’t. Just say "No." Refuse to indulge in the momentary quick fix talking bad about a co-worker or colleague provides.

Pull on your big boy/girl panties and treat your co-workers with respect. You know, the way you wish your Bad Boss would treat you but never does . . .

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