Friday, November 8, 2013

Don’t Let A "Misery Loves Company" Mindset Sabotage Your Success Path!

A department afflicted with a Bad Boss is a sorry sight. Low morale, poor motivation, performance and productivity levels sagging below the norm for the company. . . dismal and depressing.

Yet you want to rise above, you want to get to the top of the heap, not stay buried beneath it.

Without realizing it, you’re up against a double whammy: not only do you have a Bad Boss, but everyone else in your department is suffering from the same unsupportive situation--and dragging you down with them.

Recent research by Scott E. Carrell of the University of California-Davis shows that people may adopt the diet and exercise patterns of the least fit within a peer group. They don’t tend to emulate the most fit, rather they gravitate toward those who don’t make the grade. This is especially true of the lesser fit individuals.

 How does that apply to your Bad Boss situation? Well, if you don’t exert extra effort, you’ll be influenced by your equally unhappy co-workers to be even more unmotivated and unproductive than you already are!

But here’s the thing: if you don’t join in the water-cooler complaining sessions, if you surround yourself with friends outside of work who are happy and successful in their work, if you subscribe to positive-minded blogs and other such to keep yourself on an upward track, you can counteract the “peer group effect.”

Don’t let the “misery loves company” mindset sabotage your path to success! 

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