Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Never Let Your Bad Boss See You Sweat!

A Bad Boss can really put you through the wringer.  Especially the forever blaming, raging, and persistently critical types.

Yet you must still get your work done! And survive the day without a melt-down.

How about not only survive the day, but show your inner man/woman-of-steel that conveys competent self-confidence regardless of the heat blasting your way?

Michael Hess, CEO of Skooba Design, blogging about how to achieve stellar customer service, actually gives some excellent tips for workers laboring under a Bad Boss:

“Never let 'em see you sweat. A really hard-to-please customer can test even the best service professional, but it's a test you can and should pass with flying colors. Keep a genuine smile on your face (a fake one is worse than none at all), listen more than you talk. . . Take your opinions and emotions out of the equation. Too many employees take business personally, and while there are times when a customer has a problem with a specific employee, more often she is just shooting the messenger. It's not about you. . .”

Translated into effective tips for countering Bad Bossism:

Never let your Bad Boss see you sweat. Keep your cool (a smile would be out of place), most definitely listen rather than talk, and listen for what you can resolve that’s at the heart of your Bad Boss’s complaint.

Don’t take it personally! Bad Bosses are self-centered, insecure individuals. Sure, you may have messed up and need help getting back on track, but you never need to be lambasted. Helped and supported would be nice, but unlikely from a Bad Boss.

So, don’t take the bad behavior personally, look past it to whatever needs to be fixed, solved, or remedied, and put your calm-cool-collected focus squarely on that.

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