Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Counter Your Bad Boss’s Negative Brain-Washing--With the Chill Factor!

If you listen to your Bad Boss long enough, you may start to believe his or her blather. Especially the part where your boss is telling you that you’re not good enough, you’ll never make it, you’re a loser, you’re laughable, you’ll never make the grade . . . need I go on?

Believe what your Bad Boss says and you may change the functioning of your brain for the worse! You may find yourself becoming more negative, anxious, insecure. These are not winner traits.

But the good news is that you can keep your brain functioning the way you want it to--on an optimistic, positive, self-confident track--simply by taking a few moments to meditate.

According to scientists Andrew Newberg, M.D. & Mark Robert Waldman: “… it takes less than two months to alter the overall neural functioning of the brain. This is amazing because it demonstrates that we have the power to consciously change our brains, and improve our neural functioning, in far less time than scientists used to think... we can see permanent changes in single neurons in a matter of days, and as other studies have shown, most forms of meditation will create subtle but significant changes in a couple of months.”

Meditation doesn’t have to be a big deal--with incense, New Age music and your legs pretzeled into lotus position. Just take a deep breath, allow your eyes to close, and follow your breath as it moves gently in and out for a minute or two. That qualifies as meditation.

Whenever you feel your Bad Boss’s negativity over-riding your natural good feelings, chill with a moment of meditation, and keep your brain functioning the way you want it to.

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