Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rules for Success Your Bad Boss Won’t Give You

Your Bad Boss isn’t going to provide you with realistic rules or guidelines for success. Your Bad Boss is more likely to provide you with chaos, impossible rules, or a vast wasteland of no guidelines whatsoever.

Yet if you’re to succeed, you need some way to chart your course, to get yourself on a good path regardless of your Bad Boss’s mismanagement.

Deborah L. Parker talks about her uncle, Harris L. Parker--a man of many accomplishments--who served in the army, was a Vietnam Veteran, Airborne Ranger and served in the community as a Chief Magistrate and Honorable Chair of the Sussex County Virginia Board of Supervisors. “He had rules he lived by that were constant in each environment. His voice and value commanded attention,” she says, and I would suggest are also rules that helped him achieve much in his lifetime.

Parts of the “creed” Parker says her uncle lived by are terrific guidelines for success in the workplace. 
         - Always be organized and have a plan.
         - Be firm in your character.
         - Check in with … people and see how they’re thinking.
         - Take the time to do things right.

Four simple statements--yet when lived by, are an excellent roadmap for your success.

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