Friday, August 9, 2013

Trade Your “Bad Boss-Poor Me” Pity Party in for a “Can-Do” Positive Attitude!

Your Bad Boss is a double-triple-bummer, and you loathe every waking moment you are forced to spend in his or her presence.
However, whining and moaning about it aren’t going to get you out of your unfortunate situation.
Take a tip from John Baldoni, executive coach, leadership educator and author, as he writes in CBS’s Moneywatch:
“When faced with adversity, acknowledge the challenge. Skip the "pity party" act and focus on what you are doing to resolve the situation. . .
“CEOs that suck it up are leaders who people want to follow. Leaders who wallow in their misery are the ones people are best avoiding.”
You need to shine in your Boss’s Boss’s eyes, or in some other department’s higher-up esteem to get out from under your Bad Boss. At the very least you need co-workers who will help and support you in your goals.
Dump the “poor me” refrain, and attract the kind of attention you need with a “can-do” positive attitude.

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