Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Your Bad Boss May Not Be the Only Obstacle to Your Success

Sometimes it isn’t all about your Bad Boss. Sometimes you’re doing things (ouch, I know), that you may not even realize are getting in the way of your getting ahead.
Management guru and author Alison Green reveals a number of worker behaviors that stand in the way of promotion. Two of her “top ten” are:
1. You don't look the part. It might seem superficial and unfair, but appearances really do count. You might get away with pushing your office's dress code to the limit, but it's probably impacting the way people perceive you and what opportunities you're offered.
“2. You're terrible at time management. Managers need to keep track not only of their work, but also keep track of other people's too. If you can't stay on top of your own projects, your employer isn't likely to have faith that you'll be able to monitor the work of an entire team.”
Even if you’re not looking to a management position, how you manage your time lets upper management know whether you’re ready to take on more responsibility (which always requires better time management)--or not.
Don’t put unnecessary obstacles in your path to success--dress the part and effectively manage your time!

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