Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pump Up Your Power: Stand Tall and Imagine Success!

When you go in to ask something from your Bad Boss, or from anyone else at work, set yourself up physically to be as successful as possible, mentally.

It’s not exactly new information, that when you approach someone at work, especially someone in a higher status position than yourself, you should stand tall.

However, what is new, is that recent research shows that it’s only when you stand tall, or exhibit good posture, before walking into the meeting that you’re more effective. Standing tall during the meeting had no effect. Only when you stand tall before you go in do you get your mind in the right place for success.

Similarly, in another study, researchers found that you can pump up your power simply by imagining yourself approaching important people. It’s like your mind pre-conditions you to feel more powerful, and therefore be more effective, by the simple act of imagining yourself making that approach before you ever do it.

And while you’re at it, you might as well imagine yourself making that approach successfully.

How about that! ‘Imagine it and it will be so,’ isn’t just for Pixar.

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