Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Book Challenges Prevailing Wisdom on How to Succeed Despite a Bad Boss

“Got a Bad Boss? Work that Boss to Get What You Want at Work” Offers Unique Approach; Tailors Advice Based on Individual Employee
and Bad Boss Personality Types

September 25, 2013—Los Angeles, CA--Dr. Noelle Nelson, noted psychologist and author of 12 books, today released Got a Bad Boss? Work that Boss to Get What You Want at Work (eBook, $7.99.) Got a Bad Boss? offers innovative techniques for discovering a bad boss’s fears and desires, thereby allowing employees to “work” the boss to get what they want in their jobs and careers.

According to Gallup, the main factor in workplace discontent isn’t wages, benefits, or hours; it’s the boss. In addition, 75% of working adults say the most stressful aspect of their job is their immediate boss. Bad bosses are nothing new; what is new is how employees can engage with bad bosses to be successful in the workplace.

Once employees shift  their mindset from thinking that their only option is to keep their head down and just do their job to figuring out how to answer their bad bosses’ secret fears and desires, they’ll discover how rewarding it is to finally be able to work for their own benefit and success,” says Nelson.

In her 25 years as trial consultant, Nelson has seen first-hand the nasty emotional and collateral business damage of lawsuits involving a bad boss. That, combined with her relationship expertise--from wonderful to abusive--infuses Got a Bad Boss? with practical, hands-on advice for the legions of unhappy employees who have an abusive boss, but who aren’t in a position to quit.

Nelson challenges the conventional advice to employees that says they should attempt to have a meaningful conversation about their unhappiness with their boss. “Any boss who can engage in meaningful discussion is by definition, not a bad boss,” says Nelson. “A bad boss only cares about his or her own success. The way to get through is to build trust and become an ally to your boss. When you do, the power shifts in the relationship. Got a Bad Boss? provides specific tools that enable employees to regain control of their work life and career.”

Got a Bad Boss? details how to work each bad boss type--seven in all, including the Finger Pointer Boss, Incompetent Boss and Egomaniacal Boss – using an employee’s particular work strengths, such as those of an Ambitious Employee, Hyper Sensitive Employee or Pleaser Employee. “Readers can easily match their own employee type to a specific bad boss type to find strategies they can immediately put into action,” explains Nelson.

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