Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Give Your Bad Boss Compelling Reasons Why You Deserve That Promotion

A Good Boss may notice when you deserve a promotion, and put your name on the short list. A Bad Boss is highly unlikely to do so. Ever.

It’s up to you to make sure you give your Bad Boss adequate reasons--let’s rephrase that--compelling reasons to consider you for that promotion or raise.
Frankly, it’s good practice to do with a Good Boss as well. It’s just that with a Bad Boss, it’s absolutely essential.

The following suggestions made in the context of an article by Amy Levin-Epstein (MoneyWatch/CBS News) are great tips for how to do just that:

“Talk about why you already deserve the title [or promotion or raise]. For instance, have you recently gotten an advanced degree in your field? "A degree may qualify you for a promotion, especially if a degree (first degree or advanced degree) is a requirement for a higher level position within your organization," says Cheryl Palmer, founder of Call to Career, a career-coaching firm. Or, if you stood in for your manager when he was on leave, focus on that during your review [or request for promotion]. In other words, hone in on anything that shows you are already performing functions (or are educated) above your title and pay grade.

“Note what's in it for them. Why would your company benefit from promoting you and giving you more responsibility? "For example, you may have some ideas that would significantly contribute to the success of a new initiative, and a promotion would give you the opportunity to implement those ideas," says Palmer.”

Remember in grade school, when you were asked to “show your long division”? The same principle applies here. Don’t expect your boss to know why you deserve that promotion, raise or even perk. Show your long division, the specific whys and wherefores you should receive it, and your chances of getting it will vastly increase.

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