Monday, February 3, 2014

Don’t Rely on Your Bad Boss for Growth Opportunities--Find Them Yourself!

You can’t rely on your Bad Boss to further your career. If anything, your Bad Boss is likely to indulge in all sorts of behaviors that hurt your career. He or she certainly will not recommend growth opportunities for you--whether inside or outside the company. Your development is not your Bad Boss’s priority.

It’s up to you to uncover growth opportunities for yourself.

         Brainstorm the development opportunities that either currently fall within the scope of your role or could if you asked for them. To come up with possibilities, try these techniques:
         Look over your job description for activities that you would love to pursue, but havent gotten to yet.
         Think about some of the dreams that you had for your current position before you started. What did you hope to accomplish?
         Set up a lunch or coffee with people in similar positions, either at your company or at a different company, and ask how they invest in learning.”

Don’t delay! Get going on your own success track by growing your skills and abilities.

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