Friday, October 11, 2013

Lose Your Temper with Your Bad Boss--Lose Your Chances for Success!

You thought your ex was bad? A Bad Boss will provoke you in ways you never thought possible. And you will be pushed beyond reasonable limits into coming back at him/her with equally bad behavior.

But just like with your ex, you can’t afford to play out in real life the nasty scenarios that run through your mind without losing shared custody of the kids . . . you can’t afford to play out in real life the nasty scenarios that run through your mind when it comes to your Bad Boss without losing any chance at a decent job, much less career.

You really can’t even afford to lose your temper. Which means that you must exercise even greater self-control with your Bad Boss than you have with your ex.

Dave Johnson, editor of eHow Tech, says losing your temper is among the top five things that will ruin your reputation:  No one is perfect, and you can't be expected to act like a Vulcan every moment of every day at work. But professionalism demands that you keep your emotions and your ego in check. If you yell in a meeting, insult a co-worker or send an inappropriate e-mail, that damage cannot be easily undone, if ever. Anyone who was in the line of fire won't want to work with you, and your performance review may have after-effects in many review cycles to come.”

With a Bad Boss, it isn’t just your reputation that would be ruined by such behavior, it’s your whole career.

Learning to stay on top of your emotions makes good business sense in all work situations, but with a Bad Boss, it’s critical.

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  1. Whether you have a good boss or not, always remember that they have the power. Work as best as you can. Be a star employee. Do your best in every aspect of your work. But if they don't appreciate your efforts then I guess it's time to rate them online.